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Oriental beauty is the number one reason why guys are crazy about getting an Asian girlfriend. Only in 2019, 15,386 new fiancees from Asia arrived in the US to marry their foreign partner. Learn all the peculiarities of Asian brides relationships and explore our top of the best dating sites, where you can meet a bride from Asia.

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Why choose Asian women for marriage?

Stunning Asian brides are definitely worth your attention as they have so much to give to their partners. Their incredible beauty of petite figure, cute but sexy features, and very youthful look, which is one of a kind. But a sexy appearance is only the tip of the iceberg, as Asian singles have much more up their sleeves.

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  1. Asian ladies are used to hard work. High competition and lack of economic protection of many Asian countries push their women to be very hard-working and smart with money.
  2. Women in Asia are masters in all household duties. The tradition of running the household is sacred in Asia, and gorgeous women are brought up learning how to do everything perfectly.
  3. Asian beauties are very wise. The true wisdom of Asian girls is not in academic skills. However, many succeed in that too. But it’s in how these ladies pick their man, how they create a great atmosphere at home and surround their partner with love and care.

Unique cultural background and traditional views in life make Asian hotties a great choice for Western singles.

How to meet Asian brides?

It’s easy to fall for the eastern beauty of Asian girls and want to find a girlfriend or bride only from this part of the world. But where to start? And the answer is easy, as you generally have two options. Don’t think that you are somehow limited as two available options can provide you tons of ways to connect to Asian ladies.

The first way that many think of is to travel to Asia. Pick a country that you like the most and plan your love search trip. Note that you need to have at least a two-week vacation and explore the top dating places in the country of your choice. Meeting stunning Asian mail order brides IRL and at the same time enjoying the culture is a great way to combine ‘business’ with pleasure.

The second option you have is to stick with online dating. Looking for an Asian wife online has been trending for more than a decade. Modern dating sites and apps provide everything you need for an easy search, comfortable communication, and intuitive experience. But when you meet your sexy Asian girl, and things get more serious, you’ll be expected to visit her in her hometown.

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How to win Asian girl’s heart

Like all other girls, Asian singles are craving to find decent husbands who will respect them and will not be aggressive. Most of them are tired of local men who may mistreat them. That’s why a lot of Asian ladies want to find a Western man who is more modern, kind, and polite. To get the heart and the attention of a desired Asian bride, you need to to follow some rules:

  • Respect her and her family
  • Be ready to wait when she asks about it
  • Treat her well
  • Don’t rush to meeting with her parents
  • Be honest with her
  • Show all your love to her

What is also important is the understanding that mail order brides from Asia have a bit different thoughts about the development of your relationship. At the very beginning, they may be quite shy. It can be explained by their traditions and mentality. But, when you get closer, it’s a totally different situation. Your Asian mail order wife can transform into a very open, cheerful, and ready to express all her feelings person if she trust you. To earn your girl’s trust, you should be honest and do everything possible to make her open her heart and soul to you.

When it comes to the family of your Asian girl, you need to understand that your attitude to her relatives is very important for her. Be kind to all the members of her family and try to find something in common. Believe it, this will help you very much. Besides, there is one more crucial thing you need to know. Asian brides decide to meet their families with their loved ones only when they are totally sure that their potential partner can be their husband. Meeting with a family is almost the same as marrying. So, don’t rush her, everything has its time.

Which country has the best looking Asian mail order brides?

When choosing the best country to meet Asian wives, you need to think well. Generally, Asian countries of different regions differ, and the diversity in appearances of various Asian ladies is quite significant. But, where to find the most beautiful Asian women?

cute asian woman for dating in bra
  • If you want to get an Asian girlfriend with an oval face girl, big dark eyes, and porcelain skin, then Japan will be your correct choice.
  • In China, girls have a bit more tanned skin and a round face, but it makes them look special and in any case and extremely beautiful.
  • Ladies from India are totally different from all other Asian singles. They usually have long brown hair, round eyes, and they really like colorful dresses (much more than Japanese and Korean ladies, for example).
  • Brides from Thailand are tanned, and their big eyes with deep dark eyes will drive you crazy.

So, as you can see, all the most beautiful Asian women for dating have their own features, but at the same time, they may look quite similar. What is true for all of them is the outstanding beauty that allows them to look perfectly young and natural at any age.

What to do and what to avoid on a date with an Asian bride

When you don’t know much about the culture or peculiarities of dating in Asia, it’s easy to get yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Here are three things that you need to avoid regardless if you have an IRL or online date:

  1. Don’t show off your knowledge of Asian culture. It’s great that you are interested in the peculiarities of your girl’s culture, language, or traditions, but that’s not something you should show off on the date. All women want to be seen as individuals first, not just Asians.
  2. Be careful with your jokes. Due to differences in culture, some jokes that you may find harmless might be very offensive. Stick with neutral topics and test your waters.
  3. Don’t make stereotypical assumptions. All people know stereotypes about Asian culture but don’t think that they can be applied to all Asian girls. Better take your time to get to know your lady.

This advice can help you avoid making a bad impression regarding cultural peculiarities. But also don’t forget about basic date things like making good reservations, buying some flowers as Asian beauties are first of all women that love to be treated properly.

How to impress ladies from Asia

Gorgeous Asian mail order brides may appear as quite distant and reserved at first, which won them a hard-to-impress reputation. But in reality, hot Asian singles are not too picky. Western men are already unique to females from Asia, as they have an uncommon type of beauty. But there is still some advice that you can incorporate into your love conquest, to make an Asian beauty head over heels about you quicker.

  • Be genuinely interested in her.
  • Show that you care and send random ‘miss you’ or ‘thinking of you’ texts during the day.
  • Many Asian brides grew up on Western romcoms, and they will expect romantic gestures. Even cute small gifts like matching T-shirts will be highly appreciated.
  • Make your intentions clear. Relationships tend to escalate quicker in Asia and couples become ‘official’ almost right from the first date. So, if you are feeling positive about your future it is always a great idea to give your Asian girl a bit of reassurance.

Relationships in Asia have some differences from typical Western dating, but with modern influences, they are very similar. So, the rule of the thumb is, to be honest, kind, and loving and your Asian bride will be very impressed.

Pros and cons of Asian women dating


  • Youthful
  • Elegant and sophisticated
  • Petite and sexy
  • Loyal partners
  • Wise wives


  • Language barrier
  • Some girls are very naive romantics


Gorgeous Asian ladies have been heart-stealers for a long time. Their true devotion to the family and the man they love is impressive, which makes them a great match to Western singles. So, if you want to get a wife from Asia too, stop doubting and start acting.