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One of the stereotypes about mail order brides is their affection for money but not for their beloved people. It’s only a myth. Some of them are looking for an ambitious, hard-working, and wealthy man, but it’s not the most important characteristic for their ideal potential husband. Yet, all the ladies want to be the women of a reliable, strong, and generous man who can support them financially and grant them and their kids better life standards.

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Online dating has become a real trend over the last decade. More and more single hearts are choosing this way to find their true love among millions of people. In particular, the services of mail order bride agencies have gained considerable popularity among the male part of the world—more and more men from all over the world dream of finding their perfect partner abroad. So, the most critical question is how much does a mail order bride cost and how to find your ideal match from abroad with the help of online dating sites? Let’s find it out!

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How to buy mail order brides online?

Today, there are several ways to meet your ideal partner from abroad. The most popular is the traditional way of dating and online dating. The traditional way of dating is an independent search for your perfect match. Namely, you are planning a trip to the country where you want to find your soul mate and go on a trip. Although this method has its advantages, the number of different drawbacks is quite large.

Firstly, you will have no guarantee that you will meet just that, and secondly, such a trip is quite expensive and will take a lot of your time. Therefore, more and more single hearts choose the online dating method, especially if they want to find their future bride from overseas. Online dating has many benefits: you will have access to a vast number of profiles of girls from around the world who are also looking for their ideal partner abroad, and you will be able to use this dating site even while sitting comfortably at home.

So let’s take a closer look at the prices for using online dating sites and what services are included in this price:

  • Membership on a dating platform per month – $10-$100
  • Viewing the profiles database – $5-$10
  • Chats, sending and receiving letters – $5-$10
  • Sending virtual gifts – $10-$20
  • Sending real gifts – $20-$50
  • Audio and video calls – $7-$15
  • Romance tour – $7000-$11000

How much are mail order brides?

The total amount directly depends on the region that you have chosen, and the largest part of the cost is the trip home country of your mail order bride. The price of such a romantic tour includes accommodation, meals, transfer, flight, excursions, organization of romantic dates, gifts for your loved one, and more. It may cost you about $5000 with prices on hotels about $50-100 per night. We need to mention that prices in restaurants and cafes in some countries are lower than in most European and Western countries.

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Some of the most popular destinations are the Philippines, Mexico, and Russia.

A 14 day trip to the Philippines will cost approximately $ 7000, including airfare – $ 500, accommodation – nearly $ 400 per 2 weeks, excursions – nearly $ 100, and daily meals for 14 days – nearly $ 200.

Among the Latin American region, Mexico is the most popular country to look for a bride. A 14-day trip to Mexico will include airfare – the price starts from $ 500, daily meals – $ 200, excursions for you and your date – nearly $ 200, accommodation – $ 300 per 2 weeks.

If you are interested in European brides, Russia ranks first in the number of brides who came to the United States for marriage in this region. A 14-day romantic tour to Russia includes a flight – from $ 600, accommodation – $ 400- $ 500, daily meals – nearly $ 300, and entertainment and excursions for you and your partner will cost from $ 200, and this price depends on your personal preferences.

How to marry a mail order bride in the United States?

Also, an essential part of a mail order bride price is the cost of obtaining the necessary documents and a visa for marriage in the United States. Applying for a k-1 visa is mandatory for marriage to a foreign bride; you will need to pay a filing fee of an I-129F – $ 535, also produce a visa fee – $ 265 and $ 1140 filing fee for adjustment status. In general, to obtain a visa that is required for a marriage to a U.S. citizen and a foreign bride, you will need to pay approximately $ 2000. In total, the average price of a mail order bride, including the cost of an online dating site, the cost of a 14-day trip to the home country of your foreign sweetheart, and visa fees will be nearly $ 10,000- $ 13,000.

Additionally, it’s not a secret that lots of ladies around the world love pleasant gifts and surprises. Foreing brides are not the exception. That’s why if you get her some nice dresses, new shoes, beautiful accessories, she will truly appreciate it and adore you even more. It’s such an easy way to conquer the heart of your future Russian wife!

To sum up

More and more men dream of finding and marrying a foreign bride. Online dating sites and agencies give each user a great place to chat and date with beautiful girls from the most exotic parts of the world. So, choose your favorite region and dating site that has a special focus on this area, register, and start creating your own international love story now.