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Online dating has become one of the most effective and best ways to meet for those who dream of finding their ideal partner abroad. Unfortunately, the more popular dating sites and agencies become, the more scammers and scams have appeared on these platforms. Although most sites and agencies are actively working to protect their users from scammers and various fakes and are constantly introducing new algorithms and technologies, you are still not 100% secure.

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Therefore, to avoid any disappointments, deceptions, and frauds, you should follow simple rules and tips when using an online dating site. So let’s take a closer look at the types of scams and deceptions, and learn in more detail how to make your visits to online dating sites and agencies completely safe, and turn your online dating experience into the beginning of your own international love story.

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What is a mail order bride scam?

It is crucial to understand that bad people are everywhere, and often through the screen monitor and during online dating, it is difficult to understand whether a real person is communicating with you.

The most common way to mail order bride scams is to ask them to drop their money during online chats and appointments. You may also be asked to send your personal information, such as your credit card details, bank details, or even your documents. It seems very simple, but these scammers and fakes also use very effective methods, namely adding very attractive and sexy photos so that users, especially men who are looking for their perfect couple online, simply could not refuse them.

Also, these scammers may ask you to send them money for a flight and a visa to get to your home country, but after you send the money, they disappear and delete their application. So below, you will find 10 top tips to completely protect yourself and your data from scammers on dating platforms.

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11 Effective tips to follow to avoid mail order brides scams

In addition to the fact that online dating sites and agencies are actively working to protect their users from fakes and scammers, it is also important to be careful yourself and follow these simple tips so as not to fall into the trap of a scammer.

  1. Never send your personal information to other users, such as your login information, bank details, and your account numbers.
  2. Check the verified badge with the people you want to chat with. Dating sites and agencies check each user’s information in detail, and a member who has confirmed their identity will see a verified badge in the profile.
  3. Use various functions to make sure that your match is a real person, not a fake. For example, you can communicate with your date using audio and video calls.
  4. If you have any questions, misunderstandings, problems, or doubts about any of the users, contact the site’s support team immediately.
  5. Never send money to other users. Just follow this rule, and even if you want to surprise your partner, you can use a premium service – sending a real or virtual gift to your sweetheart.
  6. Don’t write very personal information in your profile. This will help scammers to either deceive you more quickly or use this information for their own dishonest purposes.
  7. Create a very strong password to protect your account.
  8. Do not switch to other platforms for communication or dating unless your partner asks for it.
  9. First, you will be left without the support and protection of the platform, and for scammers, it is a great way to deceive you.
  10. Do not send your photos to other users. Just add a couple of your attractive and high-quality profile photos.
  11. If you are asked to send money for a trip or visa, never do so. With the help of a website or agency, you can safely and professionally organize a wonderful romantic tour to the home country of your date.

Follow these simple tips, and turn your online dating into a real success without unnecessary disappointments and problems.

To sum up

Online dating sites and agencies are great places to unite millions of single hearts from around the world. Therefore, to enjoy your online dating experience to the fullest, follow the rules of security and protection of your data so that your online history becomes the beginning of your international relationship.