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Today, the world has become open to everyone, and it no longer matters how many miles separate you or what languages ​​you speak. Many online dating sites and agencies offer their premium services to find a bride anywhere in the world. With the help of dating platforms, you can find your perfect match from Asia, Latin America, Oceania, or even Europe.


Moreover, each of these dating sites and agencies specializes in a particular region or even country, which significantly simplifies the process and searches for the perfect partner abroad more effective. So which countries have the best mail order brides and which are the most popular countries for finding a wife among foreigners? Let’s find it out!

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What country has the best mail order brides?

Marriage with a foreign bride is not only popular and trendy, today in the United States, a number of laws, acts, and regulations entirely regulate this process and allow every foreign bride to marry in the United States and even apply for a fiancee visa and then apply for a green card. According to the latest statistics, 41087 mail order brides from different parts of the world entered the United States for marriage and obtained a fiancee visa in 2019. International marriages are no longer something new and exotic, so more and more men are choosing foreign countries to find their future bride.

Top mail order bride regions to find a wife

The main key to success on online dating sites and agencies is the choice of site and its specialization. Therefore, before registering on the platform, you should decide on the region that interests you. Nowadays, the main regions for finding a foreign bride are Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

  • Asia is the most popular region, and in 2019, more than 17681 mail order brides from Asian countries arrived in the US using a k-1 visa for marriage.
  • The second-largest number of brides who have issued a fiancee visa and married in the United States in Latin America, from which in 2019 came more than 11,739 foreign spouses.
  • The third most popular region is Europe, and according to statistics, 7533 European mail order brides moved to the United States for marriage and issued a fiancee visa.
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5 countries with mail order bride to meet a foreign bride

Each region has its own top countries to find a foreign bride. So let’s look at each area in more detail and find out which countries are the best to search for mail order brides. According to statistics, among the Asian region, the top countries in the number of foreign brides who came to the United States for marriage in 2019 are:

  1. the Philippines;
  2. Vietnam;
  3. China;
  4. Thailand;
  5. India.

Asia is the top country for finding a bride abroad among Western guys. The second most popular is the Latin American region, and the most popular mail order bride countries are :

  1. Mexico;
  2. the Dominican Republic;
  3. Colombia;
  4. Brazil;
  5. Cuba.

If you dream of meeting a beautiful European mail order bride, the most popular countries are:

  1. Ukraine;
  2. Russia;
  3. Romania;
  4. Great Britain and Northern Ireland;
  5. Bulgaria.

To sum up

Online dating gives every single heart the opportunity to find their true love anywhere in the world. So choose your favorite region, register on the online dating site, and start your own search for the perfect bride from abroad.