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Russian brides are always in the center of attention as every Western guy seems to want to marry a Russian girl. Only in 2019, 815 new Russian fiancees came to the USA to get married. If you want the next Russian mail order bride to come to your country, check out our top of the reliable dating sites, where you can meet ‘the one.’

Russian brides: what are the best dating sites


First of all, russian wife for dating are always well-groomed and even when they go to the nearest shop, they dress with style.

Secondly, a lot of Slavic look like models with big blue and green eyes and perfect smiles. Slavic women’s appearance can differ depending on the country and the region of the country. Some of them are blonde with pale skin and blue eyes, whereas others may have dark hair and brown eye color.

Russian mail order brides are usually not very tall but still have perfect bodies. Sport is becoming a more and more popular, and a lot of ladies lead a healthy lifestyle to stay in great shape, be seductive and desirable.

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Why choose Russian women for marriage?

Women from Russia are popular among men of all ages as they are incredibly beautiful and make great partners for life. When you look up Russian girls, you’ll see that the majority looks like models, and they seem too good to be true. But real brides in Russia are really that beautiful. Here are five other reasons why you should also consider looking for a pretty Russian:

  1. Diversity of beauty. Talking about Russian females, it’s easy to imagine long-legged blondes with blue eyes. But in reality, you can find a diverse beauty type in Russia, as the country is very big and has 190 ethnic groups. There are even Russian mail order wives that have a more eastern type of beauty.
  2. Always look good. Typically, Russian girls care a lot about their appearance. You have probably heard about the stereotype that women in Russia won’t go to the shop without makeup or high heels. Well, the majority prefer snickers, but looking good at all times is a cultural norm.
  3. Love to cook for their man. Russian cuisine is very delicious and interesting, and you will fall for it as well as your hot Russian beauty. Women usually prefer to make homemade food, as that is one of the biggest ways to show love.
  4. Quick learners. Beauty is not the only strong trait of Russian ladies, as they are also very intelligent and wise. Even if your girl has bad English at the beginning of your communication, see how quickly she’ll progress.
  5. Always make their family a priority. Family is sacred in Russia, and even if the career is also important for modern Russian women, family and kids are always their top priority.

There are many other great qualities of Russian mail order brides that make them so popular among Western men. But the biggest one is their ability to love. If a Russian woman loves you truly, she’ll make you the happiest man.

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How to meet Russian brides?

Thanks to online dating, your options to meet a gorgeous Russian lady are almost unlimited. If you want, you can travel to Russia yourself and try to find a potential partner. But using a reliable dating site or application is far more effective and easy.

This is why online dating gained so much popularity recently. Joining a Russian or Slavic dating site can not only help you meet the woman of your dreams, but it will also provide you with effective search tools, fun communication ways at a reasonable price. Also, a great benefit is that you can connect to singles with the same dating goals and start talking to a woman you like that shares your plans for the future.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Woman from Russia

One of the most important things to consider before buying a woman from Russia is that it is illegal. Buying a woman from Russia is not as easy as it seems. There are many scams in this industry so one should take time to research and find the right woman for them. One should also make sure that they are getting what they paid for and not get scammed by a fake Russian woman.

What to do and what to avoid on a date with a Russian lady

Differences in mentalities make dating a Russian mail order wife different from what you have probably used to in the West. Russian wives don’t sugarcoat things and don’t smile for no reason, which is why many think that they are too serious or angry. But in reality, Russian ladies are very genuine, and to have a happy relationship, you need to explore their culture.

  • Plan your date beforehand and make sure to get some flowers, but never an even number.
  • Compliment her outfit and appearance a lot, as your girl has spent a lot of time getting ready.
  • Don’t gift money or something expensive on the first date, as your woman will just think you want to buy her.
  • Never go Dutch, even if a girl asks you to.
  • Don’t let your girl carry anything unless it’s her handbag.

Stick with our recommendations to avoid common mistakes and make a wonderful first impression.

Pros and cons of dating Russian mail order brides


  • Smoking-hot appearance
  • Loyal to a man they love
  • Ambitious and smart
  • Traditional values
  • Willing to move to your country


  • Straightforwardness can be refreshing
  • Tend to be quite demanding
russian mail order bride smiling

How to impress Russian women

If you want to impress a beautiful Russian wife, think about what a gentleman would do. Russian brides are into traditional chivalry, and to some degree, your girl will expect you to pursue her. In traditional couples, the man is the leader of the relationship, so it’s on you to set a dynamic at first. But don’t think that Russian beauties are passive, they just allow their man to feel manly and be conquerors.

To make a sexy Russian woman fall for you quicker surround her with attention and reassurance that your intentions are serious. These ladies don’t like wishy-washy men, so try to be assertive.

How much does a Russian wife cost?

One of the stereotypes about Russian mail order brides is their affection for money but not for their beloved people. It’s only a myth. Some of them are looking for an ambitious, hard-working, and wealthy man, but it’s not the most important characteristic for their ideal potential husband. Yet, all the ladies want to be the women of a reliable, strong, and generous man who can support them financially and grant them and their kids better life standards.

Additionally, it’s not a secret that lots of ladies around the world love pleasant gifts and surprises. Russian ones are not the exception. That’s why if you get her some nice dresses, new shoes, beautiful accessories, she will truly appreciate it and adore you even more. It’s such an easy way to conquer the heart of your future Russian wife!

The real expenses connected with your meeting may include the tickets to Russia and hotel room booking. It may cost you about $5000 with prices on hotels about $50-100 per night. We need to mention that prices in restaurants and cafes in Russian are lower than in most European and Western countries.

How to marry a Russian girl?

Another important question that bothers Western men is how to marry a Russian woman. The reality is that there are some rules a man should follow just to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts, and he will get the attention of the girl he likes.

So, here are the rules:

  • Respect her and everything she does for you;
  • Don’t treat her as your possession;
  • Don’t rush up with intimacy;
  • Try to get along with her family.

First of all, a lot of ladies get tired of mistreatment, dull social rules, and just boring dates in their homelands. That’s why they look for love among foreign men, trying to get things they cannot get in Russia. So, you should treat a Russian girl as a person with lots of interests, hobbies, and preferences, and respect her opinion and feelings.

Family is the most important thing for Russian girls, so if you are in a good relationship with your Russian bride’s family, and especially with her father, it is the key to marriage in the nearest future. A lot of girls listen to their parents and respect their opinions.

Besides, in a relationship with a Slavic girl, you should be ready to wait a bit for her final decision to be your girlfriend and then wife. It’s essential for them to know you well and be sure that you are a nice person with serious intentions. The majority of Russian brides are serious about their relationship and expect their soulmates to have the same attitude to it.

Is Russian mail order wife real?

A lot of single men trying their luck on online dating services keep asking if Russian mail order brides are real.

The answer is yes!

Why are there so many gorgeous Russian girls who don’t have a couple? The reason is that the number of women in Russia is bigger than the number of men. Besides, a lot of single women from Russia want to explore another culture and find their husbands among foreign men.

In conclusion, we should say that all women want to find their true happiness, their genuine love for life. How can you spend time surfing the social networks if your future destiny might be waiting for you on one of the mail-order websites? Marrying a Russian female  is real. Just make a step forward to your soulmate.


A real Russian woman for marriage has a key to any man’s heart. Their genuine behavior and immense beauty are what make guys from all over the world travel the continents to have a chance to marry one of them. If you want to be the next lucky husband, don’t go around the bush, and start your love journey today.